Coming to the end of this tour…

IMG_0930[2] Saturday, 28 December 2013

Spend the evening with my siblings, mother, and the next generation — a set of 17-year-old twins (that belong to the guy in the blue shirt).  A nice night celebrating Xmas.  Opening gifts in the old way (one a a time, admiring each person’s gift before moving to the next).


Ran 5 miles this morning, preparing for this coming Wednesday’s Bandit Run at the Rose Parade.  I ran 3 miles, then stopped for a drink.  Ran two more, stopping in mile 4 to take pictures of people running in…which is to say that I didn’t run all 5 miles without stopping.  And the Rose Parade run is 5.5 miles, a rest, and 5.5 more miles back.  If I can figure out a way to run 1/2, I will (I’m working on it).  11 miles is a LONG way to run if you’ve only worked yourself up to 5 miles.

On a positive note, there was no pain involved in the run.  When I get tired, I tend to hunch over at the waist (limiting oxygen, amongst other things) which pulls on the tendon connection in my butt.  When the bursa hurts, I’m almost always bending over; standing up straight (or in good ChiRunning posture) takes care of that.


My kid-friends are all visiting family on the East coast.  I miss them.

I had a nice lunch with the Coach today, planning events for the coming months and talking about my training plans…which truth be told, aren’t all that rock solid.  I can run Berlin, again, if I want to (I got and paid for a place in the entry lottery).  I’ve put my name into the NYC Marathon lottery…I think that’s decided in April.  And the Sole Runners will be running a marathon in France in November (although I’d prefer to run a shorter distance like the marathon 2-person relay).  He suggested I might like a domestic race, rather than traveling to Berlin.  I’ll have to think about it.

We agreed, however, that after the first of the year, I’ll get on  bike and see how that goes.  (If I’m not scared or bad at it, then we’ll see.  He suggests a couple of months to see about both of those things.)

The Coach is going to blog 5 days week in 2014.  Not a bad goal.  I am better at recording my training when I’m blogging.


A great picture from the previous days.


And, finally, my favorite tree in Pasadena.  In the summer and in the winter.


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