Happy All (or A Lot of) the Time

IMG_0957Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Maybe the funnest thing I do all year.  (Probably not this year.)  Pretty fun after the run today.  Because I am still coming back from injury, I could not run 11 miles today.  Today I got a ride from the lovely Sue M. to the start of the parade route.  Celestyna and I walked around the floats and headed back down (up?) Colorado at about 7 AM.  It was a long way for me to run without stopping and my goal was to make the turn from Colorado onto Sierra Madre, stopping where it meets Foothill.  I missed by about 1/4 mile.  So I walked, will Bill Z, for about 1.5 or 2 miles.  My butt didn’t hurt, but my feet did.  And I was running pretty slowly.

In getting to Orange Grove, Celestyna and I were looking for a route to the floats and being thwarted by “pass only” entrances.  I was being pushy and said “Look, we’re just people, we don’t have passes, and we want to look at the floats.  How do we do that.”  The answer was turn around, walk back a block and over a couple of blocks.  We had about 4 of these conversations — as I stomped away, Celestyna saying lightly “Happy New Year” to each person.  I was amused in a grumpy way.

We eventually made it the floats.  They were, are usual lovely.  Then I ran back to Starbucks and had coffee in the sunshine.

Coach Steve published a blog today with evidence that telling people your goals will lead to success is achieving those goals.  And he suggests that looking at goals — and writing — goals daily is a good thing.  I’ve saved my goals (from yesterday) on my desktop and will maybe attach to my postings…

I missed Monica Olivas today — too much travel to connect with the Pasadena Run — but she’s really lured me into two Monica-centric goals…I am going to do 14 races in 2014 (no distance commitment from me) and I’m going to make/test every recipe she’s ever posted.  (That should keep me busy for awhile.)

And I have a Dave DeNeire goal — cardio every day — a day at a time, a month at a time — which for me is a best effort goal.  I am not getting wrapped around the axle on this one.

(I hope Coach Steve doesn’t make any more friends.)

Finally, the uber FABULOUS Michele Pusateri unwittingly gave me my inspirational quote of the year, from, of all the unbelievable people, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson:

Consistent Hard Work Gains Success.

Greatness will come.

Be willing to put in the hard work and make 2014 your year for greatness.

As I think of this inspirational quote, I think of Carlos Romero.  A great inspiration to me.

One of my goals is to look and be outrageously happy in 2014.  I spent the morning with people I adore.  What’s not to be happy about?!

2014 Goals

  1. Lose 19 pounds in 2014
  2. Keep it off
  3. Balance training fueling and weight management
  4. Try cycling
  5. Do a Tri
  6. Go sub-6 in the full
  7. Do 2:45 in the half
  8. Go to Italy after France
  9. Go fly fishing a second time
  10. Sign up for piano, again
  11. Spend time looking/being outrageously happy

Monica Sub-Goals:  (a) Run 14 races and (b) try/test every recipe on RER

Dave Sub-Goal:  Best effort – Cardio every day – a day at a time, a month at a time.


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