Training Breakthrough – Warm Up

swimming poolWednesday, 8 January 2014

Such a great training day.  I spent an hour with Mike Henderson lifting weights and doing whole body core work.  And getting to talk to somebody “in the biz” about the difficulties I’m having swimming. 

I’ve worked myself up to 8 laps without stopping.  Then 8 more laps with as many stops as I want.  In the beginning, I swam 2 laps without stopping.  Big Rest.  Then a lap.  Rest.  Rest.  Then another lap.  Only recently have I been able to swim two laps without stopping in the second “set”.

For reasons I could not imagine, the later laps were easier than the first laps.  In a 6 lap set, for instance, the first 3 laps were good, the 4th lap was messy, and the last two laps were barely swimming, more trashing and gasping.  But after resting and swimming a few more laps with rests in between, the last 2 or 3 laps were MUCH easier.  Good form, smoother, breathing easier. 

Mike suggested I needed to warm up.  (I’m not a big warm-up person.) 

I walked down the hall towards the pool, stopped and turned around because I didn’t have much time, and starting towards the car saying to myself, “I’ll do them after the meeting”, only to realize that I’d never get back to the pool in time, I turned around again and walked into the locker room.  Big gold star #1.

Once in the pool, I did two laps and rested for a minute.  Then I set out to do 7 laps without stopping.  Technically I’ve worked myself up to 9 laps “without stopping”, but there are quotes around it because there has been a stop in the last few sets.  In the middle of lap 7 I knew I could 8.  And in the middle of lap 8 I knew i could do 9.  So I did 9 laps without stopping.  Massively huge gold star #2.

Because I was on a tight schedule, I didn’t do the 7 additional laps with rests, so I guess I owe the universe 7 laps at some point.

But I left the pool feeling pretty zippity do dah.

Mike says that the whole body core work we did was part of the warm-up too, and got the body ready to work together.  Who knew.  (Yes, I have seen my running coach do warm ups even when no one (but me) was watching, but other than loosening up my ankles, I don’t warm up, much.)




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