Making Progress – Getting Better

IMG_0809[1]Monday, 27 January 2014

On Mondays I lift weights (which I hate) and swim (which I don’t).  From the moment I start getting dressed (putting on stretchy clothes), driving to the gym, lifting weights.  All those activities I do dragging my feet.  And I get to listen to a book while actually lifting the weights.

I do this, mostly, at lunch time on Monday.  Usually I lift weights, check my blackberry, and then go swimming.  Today I didn’t want to swim, so I went home after the weights.

Then I went to see Lisa Fillis who is my nutritional guru.

And then I sent swimming.  Even tho the young-person swim team practice started while I was there.  But here’s the interesting news.  I did 2 laps to warm up.  Then I did 10 laps without stopping.  Yeah me!  Sometimes you don’t feel like you’re making progress.  And then sometimes you realize that you are.  In the last half of these laps I realized that I’m making progress.

And, I figured out a new way to count.  Launching out I say the big number (10 laps), but starting with the first touch at the opposite side, I can say  9 1/2.  I felt pretty good about all that.

And, I was swimming through the sunset and I could see the changing colors as I came up to breathe.  I liked that, too.

So I was successful in two different ways.  I went swimming on a day that I might have skipped.  And I did the dreaded weight lifting.


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