Maybe a cycle?

IMG_0977[1]Friday, 7 February 2014

Went for a ride today.  I rode around the parking lot, practicing stopping and going, clipping and unclipping.

Riding VERY carefully along the super skinny river bank bike path, way on the wrong side of the path.  I picked a point to practice stopping.  Stopped safety (no other bikes or people around).  Then fell over into clipped side, scraping knee (but not tearing tights – how does that happen?).  Got myself up and re-organized.  A guy rode by me from behind and said “are you alright”.  “I’m fine.  A beginner.”

Wore padded shorts.  This was good.  I wore long running tights over the shorts because it was chilly (for CA).  Mock turtleneck, fuzzy jacket, and neck thing (buff?).  And gloves.  All comfortable.  I need a better place to carry phone.

Had a lovely time.  The park was GREEN, green, green.  The sky was BRIGHT blue.  The sun smack in my eyes as I headed west.  Cool.  So different than running the same space.

Afterwards I was a little wobbly — maybe needed fuel.  But after that, I was full of comments on facebook — endorphins?

Second BEST story of the day.  Trifling minor knee pain at the end of the ride.  It’s a function of strengthening the quads.  I’m working on that.

Best story of the day.  My experience with cycling is in competitions.  Actually I have NO experience with cycling competitions — doing or watching.  But it’s my impression that my friends who cycle tend to do it in competitions.  I’m not 100% sure I need to do this.  But touring would be a different story altogether.  Gliding along, looking around.  It was fun today.  I saw a picture in a magazine, recently, of a bunch of people on bikes in the Tuscany region of Italy.  I assume you have to contemplate hills — but I wonder if you have to contemplate the kind of big hills that triathletes train on/for?

I won’t know until mid-March if this is the year I can take on the expense of cycling.  (I’m guessing 5K — and all that new knowledge.)



One thought on “Maybe a cycle?

  1. Stick with it – you don’t need to spend big to enjoy relaxing cycling! Have fun, get out, enjoy the scenery and work up to the level of cycling and equipment that’s right for you. We’re not all into competitive cycling. Enjoy your ride and keep those pedals turning.

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