Swimming is Getting Better

2-10-14 Pool10 February 2014, Monday

Remember the last time you got better at something?  I’m getting better at swimming.  Tonight I did 13 laps without stopping.  My Garmin is completely confused about the distance; as near as I can tell it’s recording precisely double the distance.  (Obviously I put the pool size information in incorrectly.)  A mile is 1733 yards and I went 750 yards; less than 1/2 but more than 1/4.  (The extent of my math.)

In the beginning I was gasping after two laps.  Gasping hanging over the edge of the pool for two minutes recovering.  My arms and legs could have done more, but I had no more air at all.  Now, I can breathe easily (on both sides) and I’m not exhausted.  Really, I’m just quitting because I got to the count for the night.

I’ve evolved to the point that I can think about other things while counting to three (to take a breath).  Now that I’ve figured out a way to count and not loose track (and I have the Garmin to help, sorta), I don’t have to concentrate so much on counting.

2-10-14 swim stroke

I suppose swimming faster is next, if you want to compete at any level.  Do I want to do that?  Unknown.  God knows I don’t want the spend the time in the pool that the swimmers of my youth did — remember those kids in high school that were in the pool every morning at like 6 AM?  (Probably not that early, but what did I know.  I was asleep.)

On the other hand, I promised myself I’d swim regularly 3x week for at least a quarter to see how it changed the shape of my body.  Results as of this moment — not much change.  But it hasn’t been anywhere near a quarter and I haven’t done it more than twice a week regularly.  However, now that I’ve found the slots in the week to get it done and it’s easier/doable, the regular work will come.

Wanting to be faster sorta ruins things.  I want to run faster to be better for myself.  What about running just for the fun of running.  Answer for me:  not that much fun on its own terms, but I feel VERY empowered by the act of running and it’s VERY therapeutic for me.

And the new biking thing I’m liking A LOT, but I find the financial investment daunting.  At least this year.

Whatever – tonight, the happy dance for visible/noticeable improvement!!

2-10-14 pool lanes


One thought on “Swimming is Getting Better

  1. I am at your paragraph 2 … I gasp at lap … well .. . 1. Though I hydrate a lot (I drink a LOT of water when swimming 🙂 )

    At any rate … it does get better then?

    When I hear of someone doing better in swimming or running .. I take heart … thank you.

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