My Butt is Smaller

kim Friday, 28 February 2014

OK, I know virtually nothing about Kim Kardashian (including how to spell her name, which I’m copying from the google search).  I am also the least media connected human you know, so the fact I even know Kim’s name is pretty astounding (and I really only know it because Jimmy Buffett includes a crack about her butt in a song).

But how ENORMOUSLY  freeing would it be to grow up in a time in which her body shape is OK.  And maybe even to be emulated.  (Did you know Kim is 5’3″,same as me?)


This is who I grew up wanting to emulate.  Putting aside the fact that she’s at least 5 inches taller than me and can sing, what chance did I have?  Seriously


Anyway, that’s a long introduction to say that I’ve hit the weight at which random men make random (friendly) comments to me while waiting in line at Starbucks.  It’s happened every time I’ve been in Starbucks to purchase product in the last week.  The guy behind me, without seeing my face or having a clue how old/young I might be makes a friendly, weather-type comment to me while we wait.

Even with Kim and her bulk in the news, and the general expanding waistlines of American society, Americans are, in general, hugely discriminatory over weight.  I know that.  I’ve experienced it before.  But it’s still an interesting day when you drop below the discrimination line.  (The markers going the other way aren’t as noticeable.)


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