Ideal Weight…What ever my license says

Jean LucTuesday, 18 March 2014

Yes I am a pirate.  And a Trekkie.  (This is funny only if you are a Parrotthead.)

Always be yourself, unless you can be a pirate.  Then always be a pirate.

Today I weigh what it says on my drivers license.


The day I filled out my drivers license form (11/09/09), I weighed 150 pounds, which I’m delighted to weigh again, today.  It’s been 5 years, 2 months, and 26 days since the scale showed me that number.  The last time was on my b-day in 2009.  I was recovering from major surgery and hadn’t eaten much of anything for about a week.

Today, I am at my goal weight.  Somebody alert Weight Watchers…they’ve been waiting a long time to hear that.

I have a friend who is a paramedic in Sanger, CA.  He tells me that when people are on the gurney being taking to the hospital they LIE to the paramedics about their weight.  This friend tells me paramedics can guess a person’s weight within about 5 lbs.

At this weight I don’t lie.  I say the number a lot.  Because I don’t weigh 110.  Or 125.  Which is what women in our society are supposed to weigh.  Or 135, which is the maximum number I should weigh, according to the charts.  Although I think that I may be officially obese, weighing 15 pounds over some old white guy’s “ideal” weight for me.  (Where’s the calculator…11% over my pre-assigned maximum ideal weight…probably not obese, just overweight.)

I’d like to thank the Academy.  I’d like to thank the UCI Weight Management Program for providing the program that helped me get to my goal originally, a maintenance system that helped me manage my health, and the program that brought me back down to goal.  I’d like to thank Carlos Romero, who’s Ironman effort last year got me off the dime of “wishing” and moved me into action.  And me.  Thank you to me for doing the work to get here.


I have a bunch of goals this year and I’ve already completed two of them — lose 19 pounds and try cycling — and it’s only March!!  Those were actually the two hardest goals…the rest require work but will flow naturally as the year moves along.  Tomorrow I start working on my #2 and #3 goals for the year:  (2) keep the weight off and (3) balance training fueling and weight management.

Training:  Running, 2 miles


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