Gratitude…and a Bad Day

IMG_3762Wednesday, 23 April 2014

This is a post full of babies, trees, sky, and leaves.  Because, the Universe is generous to me.


I had a bad day at work.  I hardly ever talk about work because it’s so great.  But today there was a reorganization and I don’t like what happened.  (Although I am rarely right at first blush on these things.  And I will be MUCH better tomorrow; a night’s sleep helps a lot.)


And somebody (accidentally, I’m sure) took my car key at the gym, so I had to take a cab back and forth to get a key from my house and then back to the car.  (I could have ridden, but it was rush hour and all the streets to get there were busy.)  So there was a (admittedly) little unexpected outlay of cash.


And then, I had to go to a group meeting where I was expecting to have to pay $400+ for a year’s membership.  And I was trying to decide if it’s worth that much money to me…recognizing as I tried to think about it that today is NOT a good day for me to be making that decision.


And I didn’t want to go to the meeting (part of the “worth it” conversation in my head).  The meeting starts at 7:15, it doesn’t get over until 8:15 or so, I don’t get home until about 8:45 or so.  Do I want to commit to being out every Wednesday night?


But when I got to the meeting I am, for unexplainable reasons, paid up through the middle of May.  No decision required this evening.


So, even tho’ it was a pretty stinky day.  In the end, I got the relief that I needed to think more clearly about all this later.

The End.




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