Opposite Ends of the Season

CaptureThursday, 30 October 2014

The WORST run of my training is the first one each season.  (Which doesn’t coincide with the start of any “official” training season.)  That run invariably is 3 miles around the Rose Bowl.  I run with a coach.  Which makes it doubly terrible because I’m embarrassing myself in front of someone who gets PAID to do this.  Usually I can’t run the whole three miles, we have to walk some.  And I have to stop to go to the bathroom during the run, usually twice.

The only thing that makes it bearable (and I’ve done this more than once) is that I know I will get better over time.

The BEST run of my training season is the last training run.  Usually the coach and I come around the last turn of the Rose Bowl, run across the street, and run with real strength across the parking lot to our parked cars.  I love that run across the parking lot.  It’s maybe 1/4 mile at the most.  But I’m so strong.  I’ve come so far.  I feel so good about life.  And it’s the one single run of the year that I’m really running with the coach (OK, not at his pace, but ‘way faster than usual).

I did that last run tonight, alone.  It was a GREAT run.  The first two miles appear to be slow on the Garmin, because I had to stop and take so many pictures of the amazingly gorgeous sunset.





But once I quit taking pictures the split times were great.  The whole bike path felt slightly downhill (which it is not).  I felt great.  I am sorry not to have shared this final run with the coach…it’s probably the best 5 minutes of the training season.  But, it was pretty great, nonetheless.

I’m running a 5k on Sunday.  And a marathon the following week.  BAM.


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