11.11.16 – Move Along. Nothing to see here.

You never can tell where the next, best input is going to come from…
Maggie Ritchie‘s mother, who is 80+, told her that the coming fight is for the younger generation. My mother, who is 85+, told me yesterday that she doesn’t have it in her (literally) for the fight that’s coming; the fight she went through in the 60-70’s. I’ve been thinking about this overnight. I agree.
What’s different, of course, is that we are coming from a position of having the rights now feared imperiled, rather than coming from a position of not having theses rights. And, again, of course, I live in California so a lot of the flak isn’t going to happen here. Reproductive rights will, to the extent responsibility is delegated to the states, continue to exist in California.
As a person of non-color (OK, pink is a color), I currently fear discrimination only on two levels — being female and over 50. I really cannot cope with more than that (I’ll probably get better over time). If I had another couple of levels — think of also being gay and any color other than pink — this would be a completely different level of fear.  (I am personally confounded by gay people voted for and are happy T won.  Do they not know what the Republican platform says about them?  What Pence wants to do to help them see the error of their ways?)
Today (Friday, 11/11) I have to say that I’ve come to see the immediate future, and its aftermath, as a fight is for the younger generation. Like those who denigrate unions, those who are a couple of generations removed from their union-member laboring grand-parents, those millennials who could not bother to vote, or who voted for Trump will be astonished what it’s like without today’s protections.
Unlike the 60s, we have role models to provide hands-on experience and guidance: Gloria Steinem (https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/nov/10/after-donald-trump-win-americans-organizing-us-politics).
Today, though, the fight is more than I can personally contemplate; whatever is “next” will be long and hard. And I wonder about the value of living at all. (I’m counting on that human trait of struggling for life.)
I’m thinking about putting in a winter garden.
And, the identifying myself as an immediate support system for those in need: http://www.vox.com/presidential-election/2016/11/10/13586322/trump-brexit-safety-pincapture

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