11.12.16 – Move Along. Nothing to see here.

Yes Trump is “our president”, in the sense that he won the election.  But recognizing that fact does not require us to buy into the fantasy that his inevitable lawlessness will be legitimate.  We should steel ourselves for a ghastly new year of violence and repression, ushered in by the consolidation of power around an autocratic maniac and his pathetic enables.  As Gessen admits, this may sound hysterical.  Maybe it is.  I’d like to think I’m wrong.  I do not think I am.

— Slate writer Mark Joseph Stern quoting Russian dissident Marsha Gessen

New York Times reports that Trump wants to spend weekends in his NYC or FL home; relaxing and playing golf.

New York Times reports that Trump wants to continue holding campaign-style rallies.


So it would appear that Trump is going to be hands-off in a way that Regan could only dream of.  And of continued ego building while potentially alienating his political base.  As horrible as Mike Pence’s policies would be, at least they’d be recognizable as policies.  I wonder if he’d put up with the looniness of Rudy Guliani or Sarah Palin?

I went to see George Takei talk tonight at the Carpenter Center on the Long Beach State campus.  Famous as Mr. Sulu in the original Star Trek TV show, and in a number of movies, George’s life is one of amazing American struggle.  Interned (incarcerated in his words) as part of the round-up of Japanese Americans in WWII, gay at a time that all gays were closeted, in his prepared 1 hour talk he remains very  upbeat about the long-term good in America.  However, when, at the end of the Q&A session there was a question about the election, it was clear from his answer and the unease in the room that nobody is taking these days lightly — roughly 1,000 people worried about the future is a lot of worry in a single place.

I want to get to the mental place that I can not care what these people do in the coming months.  I’ve simply got to get off of Facebook (unless I can figure out how to unsubscribe…or maybe unfollow…all the liberal sites sending me bad stories about, well, everything).

Immediate goals:  (1) Meditate every day.  (2) Exercise every day.  (3) Back to clean eating.

Secondary goals:  (4) Winter garden.  (5) Esty store.  (6) Make stuff for Esty store.  (7)  Pitts.



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