11.14.16 – I won’t know if you’re reading this on Facebook.

I’m trying to wean myself off of Facebook.  Today has been a pretty good day.  I took the app off my phone.  Moving to a third or forth screen wasn’t far enough away.  I left the Messenger app, as occasionally I get a message that way.

At the end of the election process, I knew FB was a bad thing, reinforcing my own prejudices and beliefs without offering any differing opinions — or making fun of differing opinions.

Now, I don’t want to hear the dire stories.  I already know things are dire.  (Actually, as I told my financial planner today, my view of the future is black.)

Over the vacation, I came to realize that my phone (iPhone 6) was only holding a charge about 2 hours a day, often times less.  I went to the T-Mobile store Saturday and learned the phone is under warranty.  Today I picked up a new (refuburished) phone.  Good and bad news.  Getting a new phone means losing all your apps, about 1/2 of your contacts, and all the familiar settings.  What a pain.  I’m not sure if longer battery life is worth this.  We’ll see.  (Not using FB might “automatically” extend battery life.)

T-Mobile has ok (not great) coverage in the greater LA area — no where as good as Verizon.  It has crap service outside of urban areas.  It’s prices are probably a touch higher than Verizon for a single line.  And, if you’re talking to other T-Mobile users, it’s like being in the same room with them.  Everyone else is adequate, but not stunning transmission clarity.  But, it is the only carrier with any kind of international  plan — and the plan is good.  I just came back from three weeks out of the country and I’m going to Germany next year to visit my sister.  So that great international coverage is enough of a benefit that I’m going to upgrade to a larger memory phone (same model), which will lock me into another 2-year contract.

And with that, I’m taking my black-future self to bed.





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