11.19.16 Black is black.

Black.  Black.  Black.  Black.  That’s what I think of the future.

It’s the reason I’m doing my best not to look at Facebook (which, like giving up any addiction, gets easier after time).

I’m not promising to march, fight, write, protest, or anything else.  I do not believe it will make a difference in my lifetime.

I’m mostly OK inside my house.  (Where I control the content/media — there is none.)  I cry when I leave the house.  Randomly, as I drive, I cry about the hopelessness of it all.

I’m not running much — I cannot run while I cry.

In telling (medical) folks of my bleak outlook this week, two different (Jewish) people told me that people survived the Holocaust.  Wow.  That’s really hopeful.

Yesterday, I was encouraged to listen to Warren Buffett’s interview given the day after the election.  He was a big Hillary supporter, but is, more than anything, a big American supporter.  He believes Valdamort will do fine.  Buffett is more hopeful than I.  (I wonder if being at the ending of your life — he’s nearly 90 — is a different viewpoint than being a good ways off, one hopes.)  He is gung-ho on America’s ability to survive.

In the same afternoon, I read an article by a historian who believes we are one spark away from WWIII; which is what I believe.  (Sorry Warren.)

Today, a Valdamort supporter tried to engage me in conversation and I looked at it and said, “I don’t want to be friends.  Go away.”  And it did.  I don’t feel good, but I don’t feel bad (at least about that).

Robert Reich seems to be getting to me.  He wrote a great piece yesterday about don’t allow this to become normalized.  It’s bad, Valdamort is bad, and the things being proposed are bad.  I’m not ready to be mobilized, but I am reading what he’s saying.

And of course Elizabeth Warren, firecracker that she is, is right on target and raising hell.  Gotta love her.

Black, black, black, black.


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