Where are my swimsuits?

swim suit 225 June 2015

It’s been like well over a year since I wrote anything here.  And today I had two posts.

But this one is why I should keep up with news — for myself.

My swimsuits have disappeared.  I know I bought two different style suits about 2 years ago because I wrote about them.  I have no idea what happened to those suits.  So I just ordered exactly the same thing on Lands’ End.  And I was flipping back and forth between the post and the Lands End catalog page to find the suit that I really liked.

The picture above is of a relatively inexpensive swim suit ($35) that is butt ugly.  The picture below is of another relatively inexpensive suit that looks GREAT on but you cannot tell why in the picture and I cannot remember why.  I just remember writing about the difference in the two suits.

swim suit 3

Apparently I’m getting ready to swim, again.


Buying a Swim Suit

swim suit 2Thursday, 25 September 2013

I bought new swim suits last week for my new adventure in swimming.  They were delivered yesterday and I put them on today.  One style is so ugly (and functional) that Lands’ End doesn’t even bother to put it on a model.  It’s laying on some flat surface amongst 800 pictures of women wearing swim suits of all descriptions.  And I bought two of these butt-ugly, functional suits.  One black, one navy.  There is NOTHING to recommend them except they are functional, and if you’re swimming laps at night, who cares?

There is NOTHING like buying a new swim suit to make you shudder.  (Every woman on earth, regardless of age, size, or shape will say the same thing.)  However, in putting on a whole bunch of swim wear in the last couple of weeks, virtually everything makes me shudder.  Actually, that’s not true.  The flippy skirt thing I wore the other day is actually pretty cute, all things considered.  But stupid to swim in.  And I have a long-sleeve rash guard that fits.  But again, too much to swim in.  And a short sleeve rash guard that I don’t hate.  (“Rash Guard” being French for “loose t-shirt made out of swimming suit material”.)  And I have 3 pair of board shorts (which is over the top amazing given that I haven’t been in a pool in a year or more before last week) that are OK.

Let me digress.  This is appropro of nothing…On Monday, at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center (where Diana Nyad trains and pees in the pool), as I was coming out of the shower there was this tall, broad-shouldered, VERY tan, brunette, young woman in a florescent swim suit that seemed more strappy than serious, putting sun screen on all over her body.  She was a knock-out.  (I happen to peek out the door and saw her pausing/posing on the pool edge in cap, goggles, and all that tan-ness.)

But for this lap thing, I needed a real tank suit.   So I ordered from Lands’ End.  I cannot even begin to describe the sadness of the entire thing…but I can start with I’m not ever all over tan.  I have a runner’s tan.  So I have 9 inches of white thigh, and then I’m tan.  It sorta goes down hill from there.

Swim Suit

On the positive side (major stretch)…I had a major light bulb moment today.  And I think it had something to do with the swim suit.  Or I was thinking about the horrific swim suit experiences to come.

It’s true that I look lots better these days than I did 10 years ago.  But I look a lot worse than I did 25 pounds ago.  And I’ve been letting that extra weight just hang around.  I complain about it, but I haven’t really done anything about it.  It think it was looking at me in the new swim suit to make me realize, “no, it’s not ok”.  (Oh, and by the way, the flat tank suit has absolute no inside support, so I’m completely without shape of any size — other than pear or round.)  And thinking about that I have a thought about my inflamed bursa…I weigh too much to be doing what I’ve been doing.  There may be other muscular imbalances, but I’m big into messages from the Universe, and I’ve decided this is just that.  Something not too serious “breaking” to get my attention.

swim suit 3

Luckily for my attention span, I’ve just started Allen Arnette’s semi-annual 21-day whole-body cleanse.  Which is always a good kick-start weight wise.  And I’m going to go meet with Dr. Michael Day after the cleans (actually as the cleans is coming to a close) to work with him on HIS 21-day program of clean eating.  (There’s a man I know who has completely transformed his body using Day’s diet.  It’s stunning.)  The Day plan is you take out everything that people are allergic to and add components back in one at a time to determine your reaction.  I’m doing Day’s diet to get off corn (I’m already gluten free and virtually dairy free).

So maybe this is a nice collision of need for change and change under way.

I also purchased the suit displayed on the model above.  And it is wildly more flattering that the flat-on-the-table tank.  Although I still have runner’s tan lines